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For ECNP Galeri

A group exhibition inspired by nature and design, honouring Humboldt, opens at ECNP Galeri in March 2018.  At the exhibition, international designers will be showing their works, challenging the properties of its materials through experimentation and inspirations from nature. The projects include research about glass and ceramics, combination techniques in glass blowing and movement in static plates as well as experiments for creating alternatives to standard slip-casting, varieties in textural and visual qualities of sand, along with an alchemical approach to clay.


Nature has been a source of inspiration to scientists, artists, writers and many adventurers. Nature has still a lot to teach us and there is so much left to discover. Referencing to Humboldt's studies on exploring, measuring, observing and understanding nature, this exhibition shows designs sourced from natural phenomena, patterns and studies. Humboldt was a scientist and naturalist who was generous to share his explorations with other interdisciplinary people and public audience.


Exhibitors who also share the same outlook will be showing in March at ECNP Galeri with their functional design objects in parallel to Humboldt’s ideas, prototypes and explorations.


Curator: Rezzan Hasoglu

Exhibitors: Ekin Kayış (Helsinki), Lina Saleh (Jeddah), Studio Ayaskan(London), Made by Manos (London), Menderes Güneş (İstanbul), Rezzan Hasoğlu (London)

About ECNP Galeri:
elacindoruknazanpak brand is an award-wining contemporary fine jewelry gallery founded by Ela Cindoruk and Nazan Pak. Over the 25 years of friendship and partnership of the designer duo, the gallery has been widely published in prestigious press, which earned them a worldwide proud recognition. ECNP Galeri based in Nisantası, Istanbul, the only gallery dedicated to design in Turkey is also a design and production atelier.


Adress in 2018:
ECNP Galeri
Ahmet Fetgari Sok. No 56-A
Teşvikiye Istanbul

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