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In the 18th century, during the reign of Sultan Selim the Third, the Ottoman Empire embraced the Venetian filigree glass technique and transformed it into the Çeşm-i Bülbül glassware, characterised by its distinctive white and blue stripes.


Traditionally utilised as giftware and tableware for Ottoman Banquets, Çeşm-i Bülbül glasses held cultural significance. The Moirai Lamps Collection takes inspiration from this rich heritage, reinterpreting the traditional glass blowing technique as a contemporary form language. These lamps not only serve as a homage to cultural legacy but also function as elegant and functional lighting pieces.

Available Colours

  • Blue & white stripes

  • White stripes

  • Black stripes

Electrical Specifications

240 V European Plug, standard light bulb

Works for the US and UK system with a plug converter

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