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This sculptural vessel has a dual purpose as a cake platter and a dip sauce snack bowl while still looking scuptural. This is a new product which we are planning on launching in more colours in the future.


We are currently taking the second round of bespoke orders until July 30th at midnight GMT. 


We uploaded some colour options for visualization. You can also choose your own from these following options. Each colour application results in their unique way which will make your item one of a kind. 



Opaque white

Opaque black
Opaque Cobalt blue
Opaque Lavender blue
Opaque Canary yellow
Opaque Chili red
Transparent teal green
Transparent purple
Transparent amethyst

Bespoke cake and snacks bowl

The next round of bespoke orders will be in October. You can request your order and we will add it to our production schedule.
  • This item is food safe

    Please do not put extremely cold & hot items as it might cause thermal shock. 

    Handwash with mild washing liquid

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