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This opaline glass vessel, infused with volcanic Icelandic sand, forms part of my exploration into Beykozware glass, delving into the Ottoman history of glass and an ongoing investigation into the use of various sands in glassmaking.


The original Beykozware vessels were crafted with sand sourced from the vicinity of the Bosphorus. When this sand is melted into glass, it imparts a distinctive red tint when viewed under incandescent light. This unique characteristic served as a means of distinguishing original pieces from imitations in the early 20th century.


In my contemporary practise, incorporating natural sand and referencing this historical information, this vessel becomes a nexus connecting the narratives of glass materiality and psychogeography, completing a full circle of exploration.


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Product details

ø 21 x 25h cm

Weight: Approximately 5 kg

Single edition with signed certficate

Handwash only

Round Opaline Vessel

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