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Pop - Up Concept Gallery Designed by Raw Edges for Matter - Of - Stuff

We are excited to show the Trials Collection and new pieces from the DUO Collection at the Pop up Concept Gallery with Matter-of-Stuff during the London Design Festival.
The exhibition has been listed as one of the top event of the LDF by Wallpaper Magazine.
Matter of Stuff’s new concept pop up gallery opens its doors at Fenman House in London’s King’s Cross during London Design Festival.

For their new concept Pop Up Design Gallery, Matter of Stuff has commissioned Raw Edges to design an installation that could unite MOS unique three-fold expertise: commissioning design, researching materials and technologies, and showcasing designs from world-renowned design brands.

The installation consists of a repeated one single element, a wooden dowel suspended from the ceiling by a blue string. This multiplied element creates a tactile invitation to the space as well as an architectural tool that defines the space; creates partitions and a cast background to the exhibits. Setting airy partitions opens new possibilities, it defines areas and creates division, allowing to display the collection in different caves within the vertical infill but it also lets the visitors see what behind the partition, let them wander through the wall if they wanted. The wooden dowels are hanged next to each other will probably create knocking sounds like an instrument reminding us the familiar experience of a child walking and creating a rhythm with a stick along a metal railing fence.

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