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Journey into Murano's Craft: The technique of Lattimo

The Lattimo or milk Glass technique is a traditional glassblowing method that originated in Murano, similarly to Filigrana. It was widely used in the 16th century but fell into disuse over time. Thanks to major factories such as Barovier & Toso, Venini & C. and MVM Cappellin & C It was reintroduced in the 20s.

The term "lattimo" means milk in Italian, which refers to the milky-white opaque colour of the glass that looks similar to white porcelain at first glance. This appearance is caused by micro-crystals in the glass, which separate out during the cooling down process in a specific structure.

image 1: Lattimo, no. 3510 by Carlo Scarpa, 1934–36

image 2: Glass vase, Carlo Scarpa for Venini with lattimo bands, 1940

image 3: Vase by Obizzo, 1500-1509


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