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Studio Sahil takes part in London Design Festival

In September 18 -25, 2022, we had a chance to participate to the twentieth anniversary of London Design Festival as part of the Shoreditch Design Triangle.

The exhibition Coastal Myths by Studio Sahil curated by Open Space explores the day to day objects consisting predominantly of glass that one encounters through stories, myths and connections relating to the island.

The word “sahil” from Studio Sahil is directly translated from Turkish to coast or shore, which is a key reference to the exhibition. Islands have always held a significant place in popular imagination and mythology, with everything from The Odyssey, Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Treasure Island to Elif Safak’s most recent fiction The Island of Missing Trees, all contributing to the idea that these sea-bound lands have more to their stories. By experimenting with materiality, tactility and texture, the studio creates beautiful timeless objects that explore different narratives around belonging, place and cultural heritage.

Address: 16 Calvert Avenue, Shoreditch E2 7JP, London

We will soon be sharing a selection of photographs from our exhibition. Thank you to all our visitors.

Coastal Myths exhibition team: our curator Huma Kabakcı, (left), the designer Rezzan Hasoglu (center), team member Arezou Ramezani (right)


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