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'VERRIER' Installation at Hart Shoreditch

This stunning installation by Studio Sahil, aptly named ""Verrier"", will be a permanent feature in the Hart Shoreditch hotel's lobby entrance. The delicate glass spheres will be suspended from an iron structure and lit from the base, casting mesmerising ripple shadows that complement the wrought iron spiral staircase and pay homage to the silk weavers and Huguenots that settled in Spitalfields in the 17th Century. The combination of copper details and natural tones created by the sand-infused glass spheres will provide guests with a moment of mindfulness and playfulness, while also serving as a reminder of the diverse trading history of the local area. Photography by Ingimar Einarsson

Hart Shoreditch London

Verrier is on permanent display by the lobby entrance Address: 61 - 67 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3HU


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