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Wood Cheese Boards

We are happy to launch our new collection. These cheese boards are handmade in the United Kingdom in collaboration with small manufacturers. As a design studio, we prefer to support artisans whenever is possible.


The three oak boards are in sizes A3, A4 and A5 which references the international paper sizes. They are coated with food safe finish and our logo is etched behind the boards.

The idea of this collection started in 2017 while Rezzan was given a brief to design a tool. Wooden boards are often overlooked as tools yet these items are used everyday.  They are universal and also used in many other areas such as flattening hot glass during production. Rezzan's passion for wood & glass  and making skills came together to create the first prototypes in maple in 2017.


The second phase was during this year while spending plenty of time at home and looking for designing new products  which people can enjoy at home.


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