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This collection features a bowl, a carafe, a tall cup, and a short cup, designed to showcase the tactile quality of sand. The sands are strategically applied to the outer surfaces, where the glass comes in contact with hands, providing a unique haptic experience. Local glass artists hand-blow each item in the collection.


The sands used in the collection's photos originate from Iceland, Miami, and the Southern and Aegean Coasts of Turkey. Additionally, all items are customisable with sands of your choice, and our sand library is accessible on our website. For bespoke orders, please reach out to us directly.


Product Dimensions:

Short glass  (Ø8 x 9 cm)

Tall glass (Ø8 x 14 cm)

Bowl (Ø12 x 10 cm)

Carafe (Ø6 x 24 cm)

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