This collection is a set of three vases and a bowl as craft objects using incalmo technique.  This collection is made-to-order production. The pieces are hand-blown with the collaboration of local glass artists and the designer.


The sands originate from Iceland, Southern and Aegean Coast of Turkey, resulting in different textures and patterns.

The vases are available at Mint Shop in London, UK.


When heated to 1,575 °C, sand becomes liquid. It is the detritus of pebbles, and pebbles are rocks that have been broken by pressure, baking sun, coursing water and frost shatter. When exposed to temperature and pressure, sand becomes glass. No matter its final form, every glass object contains centuries of history and deep connection to a physical landscape. In the Sand to Glass Series, sand is the both the raw material, and the glass itself. 

Sand to Glass series sources sands from different geographies in the World. Vases, Glassware and DUO collections are made with different sand to glass infusion techniques referencing to the cycle in nature. Sand infused glass shows different patterns and textures and also create a haptic experience to reconnect users back to the nature.

Our Sand to Glass items are all available in bespoke sands. Please visit our online shop to browse all items. You can bring/send your own sand for a bespoke order or select the sands, which are available from the Arenophile page. Scientifically, no sand in the world is the same to another beach: Each sand is time - location specific since the nature changes all the time. Our sands are in limited quantity, therefore could be used up to a number of editions.