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Permanent glass sculpture at Hart Shoreditch Hotel, London

This installation is a collaboration between Hart Shoreditch and Rezzan Hasoglu from Studio Sahil, based in London. As part of the ‘Artist in Residence’ programme, the installation creates a story with the rich history of craftsmanship embedded within the hotel’s DNA.

This stunning installation, aptly named "Verrier", will be a permanent feature in the hotel's lobby entrance. The delicate glass spheres are suspended from an iron structure and lit from the base, casting mesmerising ripple shadows that complement the wrought iron spiral staircase and pay homage to the silk weavers and Huguenots that settled in Spitalfields in the 17th Century. The combination of copper details and natural tones created by the sand-infused glass spheres will provide guests with a moment of mindfulness and playfulness, while also serving as a reminder of the div
erse trading history of the local area.

Common name for ‘silk worm’ is also known as ‘vers à soie’ which derives from the word ‘Verre à soie’. ‘Verre’in French translates as glass. The glass spheres reference to silk cocoons and trading routes of Shoreditch. Sand is selected from all continents around the globe to represent the diversity of international visitors of Hart Hotel

Photography by Ingimar Einarsson


Hart Shoreditch is a design masterpiece that seamlessly blends the vibrant heritage and modern-day creativity of Shoreditch to create a contemporary living experience. The hotel's 126 elegant rooms provide guests with an authentic and welcoming hub from which to explore the local area. Carefully selected books and decor from local antique shops, along with bespoke carpets and fabrics made in East London, bring a taste of Shoreditch inside the hotel. Inspired by East London's past, Hart Shoreditch showcases a unique design that celebrates the area's heritage as a centre for craftspeople and makers.

The collaboration is a celebration of the rich history of craftsmanship rooted within the hotel's DNA. Hart Shoreditch will continue to collaborate with a range of different artists over the upcoming months, ensuring that the hotel remains at the forefront of the cultural scene in East London.

With its distinctive style and historic homage present throughout the rooms and the rest of the building, Hart Shoreditch provides guests with a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Seamlessly blending the vibrant heritage and modern-day creativity of Shoreditch to create a contemporary living experience.

Verrier is on permanent display by the lobby entrance

Address: 61 - 67 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3HU

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